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  • Whether it's classic video games, model trains, or FabergĂ© eggs, the most important thing a collector needs to understand is value.
  • By aggregating the largest amount of information on used items, Statricks makes it simple to determine the fair value of all sorts of items, and allows estimates to be refined as necessary based on unique features of the items.
  • Statricks' pending notification system will allow collectors to instantly receive a text or e-mail when new items appear on the market place at fair prices.

Spring Cleaners

  • Every home has one room full of unneeded goods, a garage, closet, or shed. All that stuff may be worthless junk or unknown treasure, but it's hard to know just from looking at it. How many parents have thrown away a childhood comic collection, not realizing that it was still worth thousands of dollars?
  • Statricks makes it easy to learn the value of all your things, so you can know what's worth selling and what's worth junking.

New Businesses

  • Starting a new business can be expensive, and getting equipment used can be a great way to save money.
  • With Statricks, new owners have assurance that they are getting a good deal.

Deal Hunters

  • Times are tough for many, and frugal living is more popular than ever. Buying used makes the most sense for all sorts of consumer goods, but it's hard to know what's the most you should pay.
  • Statricks makes it easy to live frugally with concrete, fair price recommendations.
  • Deal alerts allow you to receive notifications for items that are a really good deal.

New Parents

  • When a new baby is on the way, parents often need to clear out an office or storage room to make way for the new bedroom. Statricks allows them to sell all those items at the best price for their needs.
  • Baby items like strollers, cribs and car seats are often available used at a steep discount to new. With Statricks parents know they aren't overpaying.

Deal Verification

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  • Sellers can show buyers that they are getting a fair deal by linking to our deal verification page from their listing.
  • Buyers can easily see all the statistics for the product, so they can see whether or not this is a buy now opportunity.