About Statricks

Statricks is a web platform aimed at helping buyers & sellers of used goods save time while maximizing savings and profits. By statistically analyzing online auctions and classified ad marketplaces, Statricks provides blue book values and profitable price trends for a wide range of used goods. The core of Statricks began as two UC Berkeley undergraduate projects in linear modeling and machine learning, and was developed into a web application after receiving a Series Seed investment.


John Freier at the Hoover Dam

John Freier has a passion for motocross and automating any system he can get his hands on.

After finishing his Statistics degree and Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Berkeley, he founded Statricks. He wears many hats in the office. Sideways dev hats, analytics beanies, and managerial top hats are common.

William Self at Machu Picchu

Will Self enjoys teaching business students, researching organizational behavior, and traveling to new and interesting places.

Will got his A.B. in Social Studies at Harvard before heading west to Berkeley to pursue his Ph.D and enjoy the California weather. Will currently is orchestrating the development of Statricks' automated trading system. During downtime, he will lecture to anyone about the psychology of negotiations.

Steven Troxler playing a guitar

Steven Troxler loves data and dancing. In his spare time, you'll find him solving data puzzles and playing jazz.

With a M.S. in Statistics from Berkeley, Troxler builds Statricks' sweet machine learning models, as well as various other algorithms.

BJ Terry rowing a boat

B.J. Terry enjoys elaborate cooking, effective altruism, and powerlifting. He can be found meditating in between coding sesh's.

B.J. is a Berkeley EECS graduate, who joined Statricks to save and revamp its UI after cashing in his chips from the Inv. Banking world.

Igor with ScaleDB

ScaleDB is a company comprised of world class stream data engineers, who also happen to be painfully slow runners. As founders of the Bayfront Running Competition, it is clear that "high speed" only applies to their stream database. While this team is regularly passed by speedwalkers and the elderly (using walkers) on the nearby trails, their smack talking would make you think they were 4-minute milers.

When it comes to their high-velocity data solution, however, they are second to none, boasting 1m inserts/sec to Statricks' database. Teaming with them has allowed Statricks to stick with and continue to push its MySQL-based system despite the size and demand of our dataset surprassing levels which would've otherwise forced us to switch technologies.


Jorgen Ericsson Headshot

Jörgen Ericcson

Current: Declara, Senior VP, Sales & Business Development
Previous: Cisco Systems, VP Global Financial Services

Tom Thomas Headshot

Tom Thomas

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pitman, Partner

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Michael Tyler at the Grand Canyon

Michael Tyler has spent his summertime at an MMA academy in rural China and is trained with a foil and épée, yet in his leisure he enjoys listening to audiobooks and playing cards.

Michael is one of Statricks' founding teammembers, and is credited with creating its vast product topology. He graduated from UC Berkeley and is now pursuing an M.B.A. focused on International business at Thunderbird School of Global Management.