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September 5, 2014

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Benefits of buying used: When your kids are growing up too fast  

There are several reasons to buy used goods; to save the environment, to save money, to save time or because you will only need the item for a limited time period. The latter is especially relevant for new parents, as babies seem to become toddlers before you can turn you head, and are in constant need of new or different gear.

Parents might wonder what kinds of baby items are safe to buy used, and what you should be more cautious about. One ideal piece of baby gear to purchase used is a baby stroller. All the modern innovations included in new baby strollers make for a costly purchase when bought new, for an item you can only use for a couple of years. Luckily strollers, when taken care of, can last longer than a single child would need it. Therefore there is a second hand market of useable strollers that come at a significant discount compared to buying new. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to save money and make a good deal on a used stroller.


What to think about when buying a stroller:

The first and most important thing to think about when acquiring any stroller, new or used, is your lifestyle. If you’re frequently relying on public transportation or live somewhere where stairs are inevitable, you’ll want a smaller, lightweight stroller. If you’re normally driving to get from A to B, you might want a stroller that stores compactly in your cars trunk or one that can double as a car seat. Lastly, if you like to walk, run or use it off-road you want a sturdier one with easy maneuverability, like a jogging stroller.

So, what to look for when buying a used stroller? Since strollers can take a bit of a beating when being transported, lifted in and out of the car, jogged with and so on, it is very important to inspect the stroller carefully before buying it.  Make sure it is sturdy, stable and without any damage. You should also make sure the stroller is manufactured after 2007, as the ones manufactured before 2007 do not hold to the most recent revised standards for safety.

This ‘rule of thumb’ gives you a 5-year time frame in which to look for a used stroller, and you might not want to get one much older than that anyway, considering wear and tear you average toddler can put into any object.


Getting ‘more bang for the buck’ by buying used:

With strollers as with most other items, you get what you pay for, and a stroller under $100 will probably not survive several children and numerous long walks. However, if you consider buying one used, you might not have to compromise on features or quality to make it fit your budget. Buying a used stroller gets you discount prices on high quality items. The large number of strollers being put into second hand markets every time a child outgrows their old one, means that there is always a deal to be had. Keep an eye on the used markets and you’ll soon see a great deal that can save you a significant amount of money, all while outfitting your kids with quality baby gear.


Buying – Using – Flipping the ‘BOB Revolution’ Stroller:

So, lets look at the most popular and best-rated baby jogger stroller and how you can make a good deal on buying it used on marketplaces like Craigslist or eBay. The stroller we’ll set forward to analyze is the BOB Revolution SE, which is BOB’s multi-surface jogger stroller. This was the third most sold stroller in 2011 and is rated second best by moms at Babies R us. BOB Revolution has great maneuverability, good storage space and a robust frame. The last attribute indicates that this product might be good for re-selling so you can get your money back or even make profit when your toddler no longer needs it. The drawback of this stroller is the expense, as the retail price ranges from over $300 to high-end $600 for the most expensive double. Looking on second hand markets the price for a Bob Revolution jogging stroller drops off dramatically from the initial retail price. In fact the average price is closer to $234 which means on average you can save $100 by buying used on this item.

So remember to take the time to research the stroller you want, and when you go to make a buy check the price here on Statricks to make sure the deal you’re getting is a good one.

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