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Why Do People Keep Crashing Into Our Office?

July 31, 2014



As reported in InMenlo, our building made it almost four months without another car accident. Last time, we were saved by being just out of the office as a driver plowed through the floor-to-ceiling window. This time, we were saved by a tree in the lawn outside, which luckily stopped the vehicle from actually hitting […]

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That Time a Drunk Driver Ran into Our Office

April 4, 2014


Interior of Statricks' Office Demolished

Night. A car drives down California State Route 84, weaving lazily between the reflectors cemented to the road. The driver’s chin jerks up from his chest, eyes locking open. But leaden lids and leaden forehead gravitate again. The stripes delineating the asphalt trace leftward. The car, which does not automatically heed traffic markings, continues on […]

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Renting vs Buying: What Makes the Most Sense? Part 1

July 12, 2012


Three Kayaks

   When trying a new sport, gear can be what makes or breaks your experience. Have you ever tried to rock climb with ill-fitting shoes? You’ll wake up the next day with sore feet, huge blisters, and the desire to never go rock climbing again. Picking the right equipment is a crucial, but sometimes costly […]

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