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8 Tips for Using Statricks at Yard Sales, Garage Sales and Swap Meets

July 22, 2014


One of the best places to use Statricks is at the yard sale, garage sale or swap met. Statricks has a responsive design so it can be used fully-featured from any smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). Here are 8 tips to make the most of your trips: 1. Keep an eye out for condition […]

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Valuing Used Goods with this One Weird Trick

March 24, 2014

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So, you’ve got all this stuff. Big stuff. Little stuff. Worthless stuff. Valuable stuff? The things you have in your attic, garage or basement may be more valuable than you realize, but telling apart the things worth selling from the things worth junking usually involves a lot more research than you would initially expect. Here […]

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A Tip & a Forewarning for Negotiating on craigslist

February 7, 2014


Shattered iPad - bad deal

I came across some craigslist trading tips for when you’re out wheelin’ and dealin’, and thought I would add a little tidbit to one of the buyer-side negotiation tips that Ruth Soukup mentions: “DO always offer less than the asking price.  This may seem like stating the obvious, but for whatever reason, a lot of […]

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