Need to Price Something Used? Try Statricks ‘Lite’ in Beta

February 14, 2014


Say you’re selling your old MacBook Pro or Honda CR-125 dirt bike. Sure you can glance through prices on existing for-sale ads or auctions and use your head or track ‘em with the old pen and paper. But wouldn’t it be faster, more accurate, and more powerful if some statisticians and computer scientists did it for you? That’s where we come in, but you can be expecting more than an estimate.

Statricks is developing a web app designed to provide price suggestions and trends for used goods you’d find on sites like craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace.

A Long Road Through Alpha

For the truly amazing and accurate analytics we wanted our engine to produce, the development was scheduled to take some time. In the meantime, we threw together a very rough system to estimate prices so we had something to play with.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for estimates to incorporate spammy or inaccurate prices ‘under the hood’ but still seem reasonable when you just see a glossy end result. Personally, it makes me uncomfortable putting my money on something with this uncertainty, so although we’ve long been able to generate these simple estimates, we decided against making them public.

Launching ‘Lite’ Version While Allowing Users to Personalize Reports for Accuracy

Our goal is to be a quick, easy, and strategic resource for visitors to find the price information they need while also providing in-depth analytics and information transparency about the underlying price data, so you can feel confident when you buy and sell!

Antsy followers have worn us thin, however, requesting to try our old quick n’ dirty hack. We decided to give in, though like I said, we’re not fond of showing mysterious data, so we’re going to whip up some extra tools for transparency’s sake and launch ‘Statricks Lite’ under a Private Beta, followed by a Public Beta version soon after!


By John Freier

John graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Statistics and received his Certificate of Entrepreneurship from the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department. During his senior year he focused on analyzing the prices of goods on online marketplaces. Following graduation, John founded and created Statricks, as a resource to help buyers and sellers save and make more money.

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