Statricks Featured in Consumer Reports

June 2, 2014


On Saturday, Statricks was honored to be featured in an article in Consumer Reports by Tobie Stanger. The author has clearly done quite a bit of research on our site, and it’s valuable recognition for us. The features that she describes (including the personalization for listings) are just the tip of the iceberg, and we look forward to adding more features and services in the coming months to help people buy and sell their personal goods.

There are a couple minor things that we want to make perfectly clear for our users, hence this post. First, while we don’t currently have a privacy policy posted on our website, we will soon, and we echo what was stated in the article. We have never sold our users’ information to any party, and we have no intention of doing so.

Second, the author writes, “If there aren’t a lot of data points behind the statistics, it’s hard to draw concrete conclusions. The Mongoose Fraction page, for instance, showed a current market price of $335 and historical price range between $217 and $452, based on only seven sales.” It is an unfortunate reality that there may only be single-digit sales of a given specific item reflected in our database, if the item is particularly rare. When something has been sold for a wide range of prices, we think it’s very valuable to report that to our users by providing a wide price range. This signals that they should be careful to consider where their particular item fits into that range based on its condition and quality. Obviously, we could imply a false precision by reporting only the headline price and not the price range, but that’s not what’s best for our users. And you can always personalize the calculation by selecting the items that are closest to your personal item.

All in all a good article, and worth the quick read.

By BJ Terry

B.J. is a former investment banker and Berkeley EECS graduate. B.J. enjoys elaborate cooking, effective altruism, and powerlifting. He can be found meditating in between coding sesh's.

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